Bjorn3D takes a look at the nVIDIA nForce MCP 590 series.  With 4 different takes on these AM-2 boards, there should be something to interest everyone.
“The NVIDIA nForce® 500 family of MCPs support dual-core AMD® Socket AM2 processors and are available in four different versions:

NVIDIA nForce® 590 SLI MCP for hard-core, do it yourselfer (DIY) enthusiasts

NVIDIA nForce® 570 SLI MCP for the performance, dual GPU segment

NVIDIA nForce® 570 Ultra MCP for the single GPU performance segment

NVIDIA nForce® 550 MCP for the mainstream segment

Today’s article will center in on the nForce® 590 ‘Enthusiast’ line of that product. The scope of this article will set the stage for many product-specific reviews using this technology in the very near future.”

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