The Saiger 9750-C that [H]ard|OCP ordered is a very powerful laptop, but it is fairly heavy, and the battery really won’t last long.  Considering the components they chose, including an X2 4200+, 2 Gigs of RAM and a GeForce Go 7800GTX, that really isn’t a surprise.  Drop by to see just how powerful a laptop it is.
“Our PC Torque-brand Sager 9750-C is a ‘desktop replacement’ — a heavy laptop with a short battery life, but tons of power behind it. You could take it on a plane or to a coffee shop if you had to, but this is not the laptop for those who plan to do most of their computing from the road. These are typically for people who don’t want their computers to take a whole lot of space, meaning college students and anyone living in cramped quarters.”

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