Over the past few years, we have experienced a fundamental shift in the way we use at personal computers. No longer is it enough to have access to information and communication, we want it NOW and in our hands. Our thirst for information has lit a fire in the mobile computer industry and today, for better or worse, we’re bombarded with countless ads, products, and opinions on the latest laptop.

What makes our understanding of all this worse are the constant innovations and sometimes competing technologies vying for your hard-earned money. Does Blu-ray or HD-DVD make sense? What about Hydrogen or Lithium-Ion? How much slower is a single core model over the dual core?

It is because of this confusion we are increasing our coverage of laptops and other mobile technology here at PC Perspective. Readers of this site will know the high standards we strive for in our articles and evaluations, and now we are going to take that same quality and apply it in this burgeoning market. Through our site, we aim to give you the most current laptop news, product reviews, and unique editorials from a perspective you won’t find anywhere else.

We’re very excited to share this new direction with you as we collectively make sense of this expanding market.

You can read our first laptop evaluation under this new initiative here — the Asus W5F 12.1″ Ultra Portable notebook.

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