[H]ard|OCP reviews the Nintendo DS, with it’s dual screen and WiFi abilities and a good selection of games.  It must have something going for it if [H] will admit to playing with it.
“Aptly code-named Nintendo DS, this “Developers’ System” provides developers a newfound canvas not only to create new games today, but also to shape the future of the entire industry. Developers – and the public – need only use their imagination to see how the DS promises to transform the portable game industry by changing the way gamers relate to their games – and each other. Two screens offer two perspectives on the action at once. The touch screen could make accessing items, moving characters or navigating menus as easy as a tap or drag on the screen. Voice recognition could let players simply tell the game what they want it to do. Chat software will let users transmit text messages, handwriting and even drawings to one another. And wireless functions could link players in the same room – or across the country.”

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