The first Ultra Mobile PC, the VIA Oragami, is put on [H]ard|OCP’s examination table.  Join them as they find out whether it is just a big iPod Video, or if the inclusion of Windows XP Tablet PC Edition allows you to get enough done to make it stand out.
“Here we’ll look at the fruit of Microsoft’s ‘Origami’ ultra mobile PC (UMPC) platform. MS started a viral marketing campaign recently that cryptically showed what looked like an overgrown media player. While not much was known at the time, there were plenty of rumors and pictures floating around that gave rise to some fairly accurate speculation as to just what ‘Origami’ was all about.

The first such sighting was at the Intel Developer Forum in Japan of last year. Codenamed ‘Ruby,’ mention of the device having a touch screen led to speculation as to just what OS it could or would run. With similar devices such as the Creative Zen running the Portable Media Center OS on top of an embedded Windows CE OS that lacked the ability to utilize a touch screen, it wasn’t until later that it was clear that ‘Ruby’ was essentially a ‘minitablet’ running the Windows Tablet PC OS with a specifically-tailored ‘Touch Pack’ for easy program launching.”

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