In what is probably a totally unforseen consequence of the sale of IBMs hardware division to Lenova, it looks like we may be seeing the old IBM brands with AMD chips inside.  The Inquirer gives a bit more information on the possible change here.
“A FRESHLY-FREED LENOVO is ready to put AMD chips in ex-IBM-branded boxes, Chinese sources suggest. The PC maker has remained shackled to IBM in a deal over branding the products made by the unit sold off in 2005.

But the deal is proving a regulatory nightmare with the upshot that IBM may now divest itself of its interest in the business, now owned by Lenovo. According to the Shanghai Daily, AMD reckons it will then be in with a good shout of providing Lenovo with the millions of chips perceived necessary to chip up China. More of those Lenovo products which will carry brandnames established by IBM will sport AMD chips, the company claims. ”

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