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Ever thought that your power supply might be bad or causing some problems for your system? This quick tester will easily tell you if your PSU is bad or good to go for under $20.


From time to time all of us experience some type of problem with our computers electrical system, be it the power supply itself or a motherboard problem.

Ultra Power Supply Tester Review - Cases and Cooling 6

Most of us are not blessed with Electrical Degrees or Electricians Licenses and basically all we want to know is ‘does our power supply work’ and ‘does each of the power lines work’.

To this end Ultra a company well known for it modular power supplies has developed a simple comprehensive 7-way testing device.


The specs are quite simple as you would imagine, with an audible beep that lets you know whether or not the power supply has powered up. If you hear the beep the power supply has indeed powered up, if not and you have it connected to a wall outlet and have any switch that might apply powered on, then it sounds like you need a new PSU.

But let’s say for augments sake, you hear the beep and you have the 20 or 24 pin ATX connector attached (you need this one attached to hear the beep), you’ll also see that the green LED’s light up to signify the proper current is available from the ATX connector.

The following connectors can be attached to the Ultra Power Supply Tester:

  • 20/24 Pin ATX the proper current 
  • 4 Pin / 8 Pin CPU
  • 4 Pin Floppy
  • SATA
  • PCI Express

A Closer look at the Unit

Each of the Ultra Power Supply Tester’s receptacles is clearly marked as you’ll see from the series of photo’s that follow below.

Ultra Power Supply Tester Review - Cases and Cooling 7

Ultra Power Supply Tester Review - Cases and Cooling 8

Ultra Power Supply Tester Review - Cases and Cooling 9

I know that Ultra refers to this unit as a 7-in-1 Power Tester, I actually count eight:

  • 20 pin ATX
  • 24 pin ATX
  • 4 pin CPU
  • 8 pin CPU
  • 4 pin Floppy 
  • 4 pin Molex   
  • SATA
  • PCI-E

Makes you also feel like you’re getting something for nothing; but that’s all and good, because with the Ultra’s comprehensive ability to test modern power supplies, you won’t need another!

Final Thoughts

As I’ve just said, with the Ultra Power Supply Tester, most of us really won’t need any addition equipment unless a simple yes or no, isn’t enough and you require much more in the way of professional information.

What the unit won’t do is tell you the voltage of each power line you’re testing and for the price, I doubt if anyone would expect it. But, it would be a great feature for the next release!!

The Ultra Power Supply Tester should find its way into the bag of tricks most computer enthusiasts keep handy for trying times.

Ultra Power Supply Tester Review - Cases and Cooling 10

The photo above shows you the power supply I’m currently testing and you can see all the green LED’s lit up, telling me it’s a good PSU.

We would like to think the good people at for sending this handy tool our way. As I intend to keep mine (it’s already in my bag of tricks), you can get yours for only $18.95 (US). From where else? of course!