Okay, okay, I think that is my longest gap between blog posts….man I just suck at this don’t I?  With everything else going on in work and in my personal life, getting here to update this just keeps getting passed over.  I apologize to anyone that gives enough of a sh*t about this page for my lack of updates!!!

As you have probably already read, the new AMD platform known as AM2 was finally released on May 23.  I have coverage up of the new flagship processor, the FX-62 as well as a seperate article on the latest chipsets from both NVIDIA and ATI that support the new AM2 platform.  The big change here is a move from a DDR to a DDR2 controller on the new AM2 processors, a move that AMD carefully planned when DDR2 memory was on equal footing in both performance and pricing.  AMD ended up executing this new platform launching pretty well, with lots of models of procesors being released and having good support from NVIDIA on the chipset front. 

This doesn’t mean AMD is free and clear though, as the Intel Conroe-based Core 2 Duo processors are just around the corner.  At E3 this May, I caught a glimpse of an upcoming Dell XPS system that sports both the Conroe processor and Quad SLI.  This could be the fastest gaming machine in existance…

Speaking of E3, the show this year was kind of a disappointment from the PC perspective (heh) though the new Wii console was surprisingly fun.  The biggest news to be found was on the new AGEIA PhysX processors being launched.  We have a review of the BFG branded PhysX card online already, as well as some great videos of the PhysX card at work on the new Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter game. 

Yes, it’s been busy.

On the personal front, I have been hard at work building a deck onto the house, trying to get it completed before I head out for Computex this Saturday.  It’s already a more-than-one-month project since I can’t dedicate a large portion of time continuously to it, but I think so far its turned out pretty damn good.  What do you think?

Whoops! - Editorial 3

It is being built with the latest Trex synthetic decking called “Brasilia” and is supposed to mimic the look of Brazilian hardwood.  Plus, it never need staining, etc etc.  Maintainance free is good by me!

My sister also gave birth to her third child, Carson, pictured below.

Whoops! - Editorial 4

Yes that is yours truly holding him, but I swear, I still don’t have any kids!! 😀

Computex is just around the corner, as I only have three more days until I head out for the always enticing 24 hours of traveling to get to Taiwan…joy.  Have a great week!