Sean at Hot Hardware has managed to put down the new Alienware Aurora m9700 long enough to write a review of this ~ $3600 notebook.  Drop by and see just how powerful this new Aurora is, and how Sean thinks it could be improved.

You can also check out Jon Hung’s review of the ASUS AJ7 right here, with it’s 17″ screen and a 2 hour battery life.
“We’re letting you all know that we’ve just posted the world’s first review of Alienware’s Aurora m9700 17″ SLI Notebook. Armed with a fast Turion 64 processor, 2GB of RAM, dual 7200 RPM hard drives, and a pair of GeForce 7900 MXM cards, the Alienware Aurora m9700 SLI is as powerful as some high-end desktop systems. Head on over to the site and check it out…”
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