The Fellowes Split Design Keyboard that XYZ Computing tested looks like many split design keyboards, but with an extra feature.  It has “Microban coating is designed to prevent microbe growth in order to stop the growth of the bacteria which can ultimately cause stains, odors, and hurt the life of the product“.  This may keep it clean and smelling fresh(?), but they also warn that it is NOT designed to “protect users from disease causing microorganisms” … so go wash your hands.
“The Fellowes Split Design Keyboard with Microban protection is the company’s attempt to solve two nagging concerns about keyboards: poor ergonomics and germs. While the ergonomic issue is obvious, the antimicrobial one is a bit more surprising. Though it is not something which everyone knows, keyboards, especially ones at shared workstations, can be downright filthy. Both of these factors are important things to consider for people who want to get the most from their keyboard and companies who want to get the most from their employees.”

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