Warranty and Support

Standard Warranty

Asus knows that when customers buy a laptop they aren’t buying it just for the features, so they offer a standard warranty and service package: 2 year limited global warranty and 1 year battery warranty. There are also service centers in 50 countries around the world where you can bring your laptop in for servicing, and a few of these countries (like China) have more than one location to help you.

Some exceptions to their warranty service agreement stood out.

  • Warranty is voided if you install 3rd party OS (i.e. if you use your own OS and not the factory one).
  • Hard drive and CPU is not covered.
  • The Recovery CD if lost/stolen/damaged will not be replaced. You will have to buy a new license from a normal store in this case.

Asus also offers an interesting LCD guarantee called “Zero Bright Dot” which guarantees that the LCD display is free of defects in the first 30 days of purchase. Unfortunately, the A7J is not covered under this program.

Extended Warranty

An extra 1 year warranty can be purchased after the initial 2 year period expires. The only catch is that extra warranty must be purchased and activated within 90 days of purchasing the laptop. While this may sound like a ‘gotcha’, 90 days is a long time to decide on warranty, and most vendors and retailers only give you 30 days to decide on extra warranty.


For Asus, there are multiple channels for support: downloadable files, email and phone support, an end-user forum, and service offices around the world. Asus has an excellent reputation for providing software and driver updates, and their support for their laptops is no exception. If you go to their laptop downloads section on the Asus website, you will see that all their laptops are well supported.

If their downloads are insufficient to solve your problem, there is an email inquiry form, or you can call their support line for assistance. In North America, their phone support line is not toll-free unfortunately, but you can currently use Skype and dial it for free.

The user forum is active and is probably the best place to go to as a first contact if possible. The chances are other users may have encountered the same problem or have useful advice.

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