Bjorn3D reviews the Eksitdata Easy ATA and Easy SATA USB adaptors.  Plug in a SATA drive on the fly for backup, or reboot to attach a PATA drive, with no external enclosure.  Cheap and easy to use, though will notice a speed decrease when transferring over USB to SATA.
“Throwing away these drives also isn’t an option since there occasionally are times when the extra storage space is useful, either for just moving over some stuff temporarily or for testing purposes. The problem with using these drives is that it is a chore opening up the case everything you want to hook them up. In the case of IDE-drives the problem also is that many new motherboards only got 1 PATA-connector which might already have one or two DVD/CD/DVDRW/HDD hooked up and thus have no space for more drives. sent me two pieces of hardware that allows you to quickly hook up these drives to a PC using USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 without having to open the case: the Easy IDE and the Easy SATA.”

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