Corsair and Conclusions

Corsair is a relative new comer in the performance cooling market, but thanks to their in-depth knowledge of the enthusiast segment, products like the Nautilus500 have been doing quite well. 

Computex 2006 - Cases, Cooling and Power Coverage - Cases and Cooling 53

This is an extension of the Nautilus500 that adds cooling for dual video cards in an SLI configuration to the mix of options.  These are all copper where it counts water blocks and are of a very high quality build. 

Computex 2006 - Cases, Cooling and Power Coverage - Cases and Cooling 54

Corsair is also developing a new, active cooling mechanism for their high end memory modules, that I had previously looked at in a news post yesterday.  Check out this link for all the information on it thus far. 


Computex is always filled with heatsinks, fans and more cases than you can shake a narcoleptic stick at, but this year, we were able to find a lot of gold among the…other stuff.  Companies like Thermaltake, Silverstone, Cooler Master, Thermalright and Corsair are bringing performance cooling products back in to the spotlight, where once they were pushed to the side by fancy video cards and motherboards.  As the power and heat generated by GPUs and CPUs continues to increase, and not even the Conroe core can stop the enevitable move upwards, companies like these will thrive in the market of power and cooling.

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