Drop by VIA Arena for a look at what VIA has been up to, and what plans they have for the future.  They are hanging out at the VIA Technology forum in Taipei.
“Wenchi’s keynote speech emphasized that VIA’s design plans envisaged a new definition for full featured X86 platform PCs and devices. Full featured, he explained, equals the most efficient use of the hardware technology that meets the requirements of the user. This philosophy will lead to real differentiation of product in the market.

One such design on display at VTF and at VIA’s booth at Computex is the Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC). VIA’s Epan Wu, Manager of the CPU Division, showed the audience her UMPC, one of the first generation designs from PBJ. Epan explained that she carries the device in her handbag and uses it frequently throughout the day, especially on business trips, to check email, send messages and surf the web.”

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