Pricing and Conclusions

Price – $/Watt


The Cooler Master iGreen 600W power supply is scheduled for release later this month (June 2006).  The MSRP and cost per watt are listed in the following table.  


Cooler Master iGreen Power 600Watt Power Supply - Cases and Cooling 31





The Cooler Master iGreen 600 watt power supply has a lot to offer: strong +12V rails, quiet operation and excellent efficiency.   Along with being environmentally friendly, the iGreen PSU looks great with its dark-gray, mirror finish and sleeved, black cables.  Overall, it is a very good effort and Cooler Master is to be commended for producing a power supply with one of the highest efficiencies I have measured to date.  It’s a shame the lower than normal +5V output had to tarnish an otherwise excellent product. 



  • Up to 600 watts continuous load
  • Solid, well regulated +12 outputs
  • Quiet, even while operating under moderately heavy loads
  • Excellent efficiency along with Active PFC
  • All cables sleeved
  • NVIDIA SLI certified
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty



  • +5V output on the low side


I would like to thank our friends at Cooler Master for sending us the new iGreen 600W PSU to review — thanks.

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