CNet has posted a review of the Dell XPS M2010 portable computer that was first spotted at E3 a few weeks back. This computer isn’t quite a laptop considering it comes with a large base unit and a bicep-popping 20 pounds with the AC adapter! It has some sexy specs though… T2600 CPU, ATI X1800 256MB graphics, 2GB RAM, and a two 100GB 7200RPM drives for RAID 0.

Ironically, various companies have been trying to market all-in-one “portable” computers for decades now and never really gained popularity anywhere. Perhaps DELL has the magic touch?

“When you slide the two latches open and lift the lid, the black interior, chrome highlights, and glowing blue lights give the XPS M2010 the sleek look of a high-end stereo component. Despite its many movable and removable parts, we found the laptop solidly constructed and easy to open and close, though the paint starting peeling at one of the corners after some rough play.”

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Finally, we’ve posted our latest laptop review and this time it’s a large 17″ Asus A7J with an awesome screen. Thanks for reading!