Aluminum Input

Keyboards might all seem the same, but this Enermax model offers USB connectivity as well as audio and microphone connectors for gamers.


Enermax has recently released two new ‘Aluminum Keyboards’   the Aurora and the Crystal; while both are mechanically the same, the finish is quite different. The Aurora has a brushed finish and is available in black and/or silver; the Crystal has a diamond cut finish and is available in silver only.

We choose the Crystal because I’ve worked with diamond cutting equipment in the past and I’m aware of the extremely beautiful finishes that can be attained. The term ‘diamond cut’ may not be familiar to most of our readers, but I can assure you that your girlfriend, wife, mother or even grandmother, has at least one piece of jewelry that has this finish.

Enermax Crystal Aluminum Keyboard Review - Cases and Cooling 7

Just like the faucets of a diamond reflect light in a way that enhances its beauty and brilliance, diamond cutting techniques with its groves and lines and swirls has been very popular in jewelry items running from bracelets, to earrings, etc. for the same reason and it’s application to the Enermax Crystal Aluminum Keyboard enhances the already elegant design.   

Enermax Crystal Aluminum Keyboard Review - Cases and Cooling 8  

Unfortunately, the high reflection rate and angles of the cuts makes it almost an impossible task, to get a good clear photo, without extremely expensive equipment, which we don’t have, but we tried anyway, as the photo above demonstrates!

Specifications & Features

Outside of the fantastic beauty the Enermax Crystal Keyboard is a fully functional QWERTY style unit with extremely responsive keys (responsive scissor technology); more so than any of the other aluminum keyboards I have owned. But, we are getting ahead of ourselves.

The specifications are quite simple with a USB interface, audio I/O (AC97) built in, as the photos below demonstrates.

Enermax Crystal Aluminum Keyboard Review - Cases and Cooling 9

Enermax Crystal Aluminum Keyboard Review - Cases and Cooling 10

The power source for the Enermax Crystal Aluminum Keyboard is computer provided USB +5V and the keyboard weighs in at 1150g. The dimensions are 407 (L) x 168.5 (W) x 23.5 (H) mm.

The stands are rubber tipped with zero-degree tilt with a lifetime of 10 million plus keystrokes. As you can tell, only heavy duty components are used in manufacturing the Crystal while maintaining its timeless design.

As an added bonus, the Crystal sports two USB ports in addition to the Audio I/O ports we showed you above.

Enermax Crystal Aluminum Keyboard Review - Cases and Cooling 11

Now, if all this is not enough, Enermax has added bright blue LED indicators for the typical functions of Caps Lock, Scroll Lock and Numbers Lock. Take a look!!

Enermax Crystal Aluminum Keyboard Review - Cases and Cooling 12

In all our photos you can see some of the intricate diamond cut design, but none of them really does the Crystal the justice it deserves, and those dear friends, can only be observed by using the Enermax Crystal Aluminum Keyboard yourself!

Final Thoughts

The Enermax Crystal Aluminum Keyboard is the most elegant, well designed aluminum keyboard I’ve ever used and I’ve owned four different ones to date and none of them had the smooth action keys that the Crystal has.

If there is a downside to be had it might be the selling price of $ 69.95 US, but I’ve spent considerably more for plastic keyboards from big name companies and I’d be willing to pay even more if Enermax would come out with a full size keyboard with the attributes of their outstanding ‘Crystal’

So if an aluminum keyboard is in your future, to go along with that shinny new aluminum case, then the future is now, because you can’t find a more luxurious Aluminum Keyboard than the Enermax Crystal!

In closing I’d like to thank Hank Baron of  for talking the good people from to send us the review sample.