Foxconn’s Winfast 6150K8MD Micro-ATX Motherboard, based around nVidia’s 6150 chipset will let you build a powerful s939 HTPC system.  With 7.1 sound onboard, as well as 4 SATA ports, you will be able to store and play a lot of media.  Drop by TweakTown for the full review.
“Next up is the new and improved nForce MCP430. This new Southbridge was added by nVidia to aid the adoption of the Digital Home, similar to Intel’s DH series of Southbridges. The MCP430 adds a few extra features to its predecessor to jumpstart the Digital Home revolution towards the nVidia platform. First on the list is HD Audio. This has been elusive from nVidia since the removal of Sound Storm, the first ever hardware HD audio integrated into a Southbridge, and this was from nVidia back in the nForce 2 days. Using the Intel Azalia Audio specs, nVidia has added a 7.1 HD audio controller into the MCP430.”

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