Digital Trends looks at a new music service called Gremlin and the MP3 player that goes with it.   By using WI-Fi, you aren’t tied to a PC to change the music on the player, by paying the monthly subscription fee, you can connect to their database of songs from anywhere the player can get a wireless signal.
“One of the more innovative ideas comes from MusicGremlin, a New York-based company whose Web-based download service uses Wi-Fi as the download channel rather than a PC. MusicGremlin players pack 802.11b Wi-Fi chips that tap into home networks, public hotspots and the T-Mobile service (the latter for a fee). Each Gremlin player comes with the listings for around 2 million tracks, which are always available to users who opt for the $14.99/month subscription plan. You can also purchase tracks on an a la carte plan for 99 cents, competitive with other download services. The songs are encoded in WMA at 128kbps and protected by digital rights management. The player, which also plays MP3s, retails for $299.”

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