2 weeks ago, we published our review of the 17″ Asus A7J laptop. In that review I stated that the primary SODIMM isn’t upgradable, even though Asus’ product page states it.

Well it turns out you can uprgade that RAM, but it’s not a clear procedure and it’s very tricky to do! With the help from Asus’ A7J Service Manual, I’ve added a short guide on how to upgrade the RAM on your A7J. So if you’re itching to put in some 2GB RAM loving, then be sure to check out our update!

How to Upgrade the RAM on the Asus A7J - Mobile 2

“Using a flat-head screwdriver press each of the latches, and if you’re lucky your keyboard may actually spring free in the first try. If not, press the latches again and maybe it will come out. If the keyboard is still not removable then you may need to put some upward pressure on the keyboard so that it can come free.”

Read it here