Drop by BCCHardware to find out about a way to keep your northbridge cool, passively.  The Zalman ZM-NBF47 is a passive cooler that is much quieter than any fan based solution, and it will outperform most stock coolers as well.  The blue tinted aluminium construction is rather nice looking, as well.
“The tests really say it all. The performance benefits of this passive heatsink are a thing to be reckoned with. With zero noise it destroys the stock cooler on our toasty 8N-SLI motherboard. There will comes a time when the fan on your active NB cooler gives up the ghost, and without a doubt the best way to go is with the Zalman ZM-NBF47. This cooler should keep up to many wimpy active NB HSF’s, and will almost certainly leave other passive heatsinks crying in a puddle of their own sweat.”

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