OCMODSHOP disects the XTrac Ripper XXL, to see what makes it tick.  Drop by for some graphic shots of the guts of a mouse.
“The MX610 looks and feels great. Its black and silver coloring and curvy shape give it a sleek design. Also, it is not heavy. The two AA batteries towards the back add to the weight, but overall the weight of it is quite minimal. The buttons on the MX610 are comfortable, and have different feels depending on their location; the main mouse buttons are the most easily pressed and deliver a high-pitched click. The side buttons require more effort to press, and respond with a softer and lower-pitched click. The tilt-wheel is very tactile and works exactly like you expect it to, unlike Microsoft’s huge and comparitively complicated tilt-wheel setup. Middle-clicking is easy to pull off without accidentally side-scrolling, and the steps are easy to feel. The two new communication buttons make no noise when clicked.”

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