NVIDIA officially unvieled their new PureVideo HD technology at Computex this week that enables the viewing of HD-DVD and BluRay content (and other HD content) seamlessly on your PC. 

NVIDIA PureVideo HD For HD-DVD and BluRay - Graphics Cards 3

PureVideo HD allows the user to fully utilize the high resolution content of HD-DVD and BluRay.  By integrating HDCP support into the G71 GPU and adding CrytpROM and HDCP support to the physcial graphics card, NVIDIA is preparing users for the next-generation optical discs.  Cards that have HDCP integrated into them will be able to playback the best resolution supplied on the discs (currently 1080p on all HD-DVDs) for the best viewing experience.  Users that do not have cards with integrated support for the HDCP protocal will be forced to display lower resolution versions of the movies.

NVIDIA PureVideo HD For HD-DVD and BluRay - Graphics Cards 4

NVIDIA’s PureVideo HD helps the user to find the correct parts and integrate them into their system to be ready for HD-DVD and BluRay technology.  While the PureVideo HD technology does including things like inverse telecine support for HD content (higher resolution means much more work) and deinterlacing enhancements, the real beauty here is the program that NVIDIA is goign to implement to help users find the right parts for their systems.  By combining a “PureVideo HD” video card, a copy of some “PureVideo HD” playback software and an optical drive and HDCP monitor, you’ll be ready for next-gen video viewing.  By putting logos on the applications (such as PowerDVD and WinDVD) and graphics card boxes that support HDCP content, the user will be able to easily match these products and can be sure of a compabitible system.