Drop by [H]ard|OCP for their review of the impressively decked out M2N32-SLI Deluxe.  This motherboard’s features and extras are so inclusive, it even comes with a fan and assembly to be used in systems with watercooling.  Add the fact that with a little fiddling, the memory bus broke 400MHz, and you have a board worth your consideration.
“ASUS is the worlds premier OEM and high end motherboard manufacturer. They’ve been in business since the mid 1980’s and have always had a reputation for high quality motherboards that offer outstanding stability and features. This board uses NVIDIA’s new 590MCP which has a couple of new features over the older NForce 4 chipsets. This is not intended as a specific chipset review, but I’ll cover the highlights that set this apart from earlier NForce 4 based enthusiast offerings for socket 939. Support has been added for six SATA ports, Media Shield Storage and more. Link Boost, First Packet, Dual Net (Dual Gigabit LAN Native). What this all amounts to is some nifty storage features and enhanced performance for high end SLI based PCs and PCs with multiple hard drives. Which actually covers two areas, high end workstation, and gaming PCs. The Wifi-AP Solo feature is essentially a wireless access point built into the motherboard rounding out the feature list making this one of the most feature packed and versatile motherboard’s to have been manufactured to this point.”

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