Drop by Extremetech for a look at the Hammer Z-box, a 1 Terrabyte storage solution.  Along the way they will explain NAS and SAN and what unique features each has.
“For all its popularity, the NAS storage fabric does have its limitations. Storage area network (SAN) architecture steps up to the plate with enhanced throughput and scalability but presents its own unique set of hurdles. Last year, Netgear unveiled the SC101, a storage appliance featuring Z-SAN technology from Zetera, a southern California-based company dedicated to the development of affordable storage over IP (SoIP) technology. The SC101 met with a mixed reception due to its mediocre performance, onerous configuration, and limited operating system support.

Today, we’ll be looking at the Hammer Z-box, the newest Z-SAN-wielding IP storage solution vying for a piece of the largely NAS-dominated entry-level storage market.”

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