As has become a staple, the VIA Technology Forum is going on during the week of Computex at the Grand Hyatt hotel in Taipei.  Wednesday it started off with a keynote from the President of the VIA Technologies, Wenchi Chen, which focused on the continued miniaturization PC circuitry.  (Large quote below.)

Also speaking was the CTO of AMD, Phil Hester, discussing much about the continued advancement of AMD processor technology, such as the 4×4 super enthusiast system I told you about last week.   In reality though, the HTX HyperTransport connection for co-processors is going to be the next big thing in processor technology; being able to plug a third-party device into a second AM2 processor socket on your motherboard to easily enhance performance for specific applications (can you say physics) is going to change the outlook of PCs again in the next 10 years. 

Finally, you can also find some coverage of the VIA Vogue PC at that allows the users to interchange the appearance of the enclosure easily while maintaining the hardware in a central device. 

More from VTF as we see it!

“These days, the industry is talking about performance per watt, which is important on a silicon level; however, we believe that the industry should be thinking of new metrics, such as features per square inch at the platform level, and functionality per pound at the mobile system level, or per litre for desktop systems,” said Wenchi Chen, President and CEO, VIA Technologies, Inc.

Underlining these market metrics at the silicon level, Mr Chen showed an early preview of John, the next advance in the VIA CoreFusion processor platform series that combines a VIA C7-M mobile processor core with the very latest core logic integrating both North and South Bridges, the upcoming VIA VX700 mobile chipset. As a processor plus core logic in a single, complete package, John will play an important role in maintaining the pace of miniaturization especially in the mobile space, when it is launched later this year.

At the system level, there was a preview of the VIA Vogue PC, a new concept in personalized PCs that combines a full featured PC module with a “wardrobe” of designer shell outfits, enabling consumers to select a look to suit each environment. More will be revealed in Q3’06 about this exciting concept, which looks set to redefine the lifestyle PC.