The newest DDR2 DIMM from Mushkin is the Redline XP2 8000.  It is meant to run at 1000MHz, and 4-5-4-11 timings, you will be able to tighten those timings up when running at 800MHz.  Drop by Bjorn3D for the full story.
‘For me, this would be my first hands on experience with DDR2. Even though I had never personally used a stick of DDR2 RAM before I received my new system, I had been reading extensively and following DDR2’s evolutionary process since it first surfaced on the market in 2004. My interest in DDR2 was first peaked when I ran across this white paper article entitled New DDR2 Memory Offers Advantages for Dual-Processor Servers published by Thor Sewell in September, 2004. Since then I have ravenously devoured all the articles and reviews I could find detailing the technical advancements concerning DDR2 in preparation for its mainstream emergence into the Computer Enthusiast market.’

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