Ars Technica felt like staying home a watching a movie, so they headed off to a local brick and mortar video rental store … but it didn’t turn out so well.  Join them as they try out the various new ways you can rent or buy videos, without ending up filling your house with DVDs.
Have you been inside a video store lately? Our fearless leader recently had occasion to pay a visit to his local Blockbuster. When he returned to the Orbiting HQ, we couldn’t tell whether he was angry, disappointed, or just having a bout with diphtheria. Maybe it was all three.

To cut a long and depressing story very short, the store didn’t have what he had been looking for. In fact, it had virtually nothing worthy of Ken’s attention for two hours. We resolved then and there to do a thorough breakdown of the options available to today’s film connoisseurs, the good and the bad, and figure out who actually uses any of them. Masochist that I am, I volunteered for the job.”

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