If you feel paranoid about bumps and spashes when you are carrying your laptop in a soft case?  Drop by Think Computers to see their review of the Otterbox, a hard, water resistant case that comes designed for 3 laptop sizes, 13″, 15″ and 17″.
‘Otterbox you say? What the heck is an Otterbox? Well an Otterbox is a place where Otter’s live, uh no wait, wrong review, that’s for my Field and Stream Review. For this review an Otterbox is something that is really cool, actually it is the name of a company that makes some outstanding products to keep your portable electronics and other stuff safe from the elements should you feel the need to take them into the rough. Otterbox products can take a beating and keep your ‘stuff’ safe. Today for review I have the new Otterbox 7000 Series Laptop Case; this is one cool case I have to say. My first impression was that it looked like something you would see the military using, or maybe MIB’s.’

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