Overclock3D has a review of an item that may become very popular as graphics cards demand more power.  The FSP Booster X3 300W 12V PSU is a power supply, that fits in a 5.25″ drive bay and delivers 25 amps of 12V power.  To use it, you plug a main power cord into a provided PCI slot cover, and then to the X3 internally, and plug the X3’s PCI-E connectors into your SLI setup.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced card to build an SLI system out of, check Ryan’s review of the XFX 7600GT XXX.
‘So you’ve just blown all your savings on an SLI / Crossfire setup only to find that your PSU doesn’t have the grunt to power it all. Enter FSP, who have come up with an affordable answer.’

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