With patch tuesday now immediately followed by explot wednesday, getting those Windows updates has become a little more pressing.  CNET has some info on the 2 newest proof of concept vulnerabilities, so patch before they find their way into the wild.
The first exploit code takes advantage of a “critical” flaw in the Windows Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, or DHCP, client, according to a customer alert sent out by the French Security Incident Response Team on Monday. Microsoft released a fix on July 11 for the problem, Symantec said in its own advisory for subscribers. Microsoft tackled the problem in security bulletin MS06-036, and people who have applied that update are protected, a representative for the software maker said. The second, proof-of-concept code targets a security hole in a Windows component called “mailslot,” which Microsoft patched in bulletin MS06-035, Symantec and FRSIRT said. However, Microsoft said it believes the code takes advantage of a new flaw. ”

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