About $350 seems a reasonable price for a 20.1″ widescreen LCD.  When you add in 8ms response time, a (typical) 800:1 contrast ratio, 176 degree viewing angle and fullscreen at 1680 x 1050 resolution, it sounds even better.  Get the full review of ViewSonic’s VX2025 at A1-Electronics.
“It is not everyday you go out and invest in a new monitor for your computer as they are not cheap and it is the same for us here. But as the price of LCD monitors has now come down to very probably their basic price level they will get to for a long time buying is now an ideal time. The wide-screen allows the use of 1280 x 960 resolution and still keeps text at a decent readable size while offering very good picture reproduction. And of course being wide screen you can enjoy wide-screen films on it.”

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