Asus sent along word and images of a new AM2-based motherboard coming out soon from Asus.  The new product series has been dubbed Republic of Gamers and has the goal to be the best motherboard for gamers and overclockers.  What kind of new features are they preparing for these boards?  If you remember looking through our Computex coverage from last month, we had a preview look at some of these new motherboard technologies. 

Let us know what you guys think about this board design and the new features Asus is planning to release in the forums.

Asus Crosshair Series: Republic of Gamers - Motherboards 4

LCD Poster Allows Easy System Tweaking with Style
LCD Poster is an excellent feature for system tuning and upgrades. Most hardcore users and engineers install a debug card, which displays a two-digit code that enables them to recognize which part of the system is responsible for hanging the system up during boot-up.  LCD Poster, located at the back I/O, displays the names of each boot-process instead of using codes. When the system hangs due to a faulty connection or configuration, the LCD Poster will freeze on the displayed process name that caused the hang up, allowing users to know exactly what needs to be fixed.  Other features include EL I/O, onboard LED, onboard switches, Q-Fan Plus and Q-Connector.

Asus Crosshair Series: Republic of Gamers - Motherboards 5

Performance and Reliability — 8-Phase EL Cap-less Power Designs
This innovative Crosshair embodies two commitments of R.O.G: ultimate overclockability and ultimate reliability.  8-Phase EL Cap-less Power design removes bulky cylinder-type capacitors and replaces them with chip-style polymer aluminum electrolyte capacitors, which are used in server level systems, for better spacing and thermal environment.  Unlike conventional EL capacitors, which are susceptible to leakage and blowups, the new design eliminates capacitor damage once and for all.

8-phase design also delivers a steadier power supply for the CPU by generating less heat than conventional power solutions and providing a cool computing environment for stable performance and a higher overclocking margin. It reduces input ripple current and output ripple voltage, protecting the CPU and power modules from the risk of high power stress.

Connect in the Dark — EL I/O
Today’s gamers demand more than performance. They demand features that are tailor made for their gaming experience. The Crosshair comes with an innovative feature called EL I/O, which simplifies connecting devices by lighting up the back I/O panel for convenient connection in dark environments such as LAN Parties. No more jamming devices into the wrong connectors.

Asus Crosshair Series: Republic of Gamers - Motherboards 6

Sound with Clarity — SupremeFX and Array Mic
The SupremeFX audio card is designed to providean optimal gaming audio experience. With 24bit/192kHz full sampling in all surround channels, whether you’re hearing game actions through headphones or 7.1 surround speakers, all sound effects will be loud and clear.

The audio card is bundled with a sophisticated Array Microphone. The microphone is designed to receive only sounds coming from the reception cone between it and the user, and ignores sound coming from other directions.  This eliminates a large amount of interference, including sound from neighboring speakers and reverberations. It also features ‘Echo Cancellation Technology,’ which eliminates the annoying echo sometimes experienced during audio and voice applications.

Rich Software Bundle
The Crosshair bundles 3DMark 06 Advanced Edition, the most popular and authoritative 3D benchmark application in the world. The 3DMark06 is the latest version in the popular 3DMark series, and includes advanced SM2.0 and HDR/SM3.0 Shader graphics tests.  It also includes single, multiple core and multiple processor CPU tests as part of the 3DMark score. The accurate performance and image quality diagnostic tool, designed for DirectX®9.0c, provides all the information users will need.

Specifications Summary:
-AMD Socket AM2
-NVIDIA nForce® 590 SLI™ MCP
-Dual Channel DDR2 800/667/533
-2 x PCIe x16, support NVIDIA SLI at full x16, x16 speed
-8 x SATA 3.0 Gb/p including two external ports / 1 x Ultra DMA
-Dual Gigabit LAN
-SupremeFX sound card featuring ADI 1988b High-Definition Audio with 8-channel surround sound.

For more information on R.O.G and the Crosshair motherboard, please visit the company homepage at