OCMODSHOP has fallen deeply in love with the Antec P180 case … perhaps disturbingly so.  Drop by to see just how enamoured they are with this case, you have to read it to beleive it.
“Cases say an awful lot about you as a computer user. Those out there with the clear sides and all that electric blue lighting seem to send out that “I know what I’m doing when I work on my computer, now leave me alone because I’m busy researching worm holes and quantum physics”. Others who posess a newer, colored case leave people thinking that they are concerned about what’s under the hood, two gigs of RAM, a screaming fast graphics card and a hot anime babe as the screen saver. And still there’s the people who still own a plain jane beige tower, quietly hopping online and remaining all aloof about that burgeoning mastercard bill from HAWT/WHET.com.”

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