G. Skill has released their F1-4000USU2-2GBHZ kit, which is 2 GB of DDR-500, in a pair of DIMMs.  These are perfect for a heavily overclocked DDR system, as they don’t perform as well as many DIMMs at 400MHz, but really shine when your FSB is overclocked to reach the speeds these DIMMs were built for.  Overclockers Club would love to tell you all about them.
“With today’s games and programs becoming more memory hungry, two gigabytes of memory has become a more viable option than ever before. What about performance and price you might ask? This is where the G.Skill HZ steps in with its low price and high bandwidth for overclocking. It currently outclasses anything in its price range! This is no surprise, as G.Skill is known throughout the world for its jaw dropping products, including some 2x512mb kits that were rated for DDR600! G.Skill was first started back in 1989 by a group of enthusiasts and has since then grown into a very well known company still targeting enthusiasts and overclockers at a competitive price. Let’s see if the HZ lives up to the company’s reputation.”

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