Weight and Portability

17 inch laptops aren’t exacty known for their portability. You’d be hard pressed to carry the XPS M1710 around with you on a daily basis (unless you don’t care for shoulder or back problems) and because of the 17″ screen, you won’t exactly be able to open it up during commute on a train.

However, despite the fact the M1710 is a larger laptop than the Asus A7J in volume, the M1710 is actually a lighter laptop by nearly 1 pound.

Dell XPS M1710 Metallic Black 17-inch Notebook Review - Mobile 69
* Metric version of the above chart

Dell advertises the XPS M1710 with a weight of 8.99 kg and we measured 8.91 kg using our own scale which is fairly close. The power adapter for the XPS M1710 is not exactly small. It really is the size of a small brick and weighs a hefty 2 pounds! Throw that in a suitcase with the XPS M1710 and suddenly you’re benching over 10 lbs. Curl that a few times between gaming bouts and I guarantee you will have some awesome biceps that can crush a mouse.

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