The long wait for dual core Itaniums may soon be over.  According to CNET, the Montecito chip should be available soon, on July 18th there will be a launch event.
“Intel will launch its “Montecito” version of Itanium, the first dual-core version of the processor, on July 18, sources familiar with the event said.

The gargantuan chip, with 1.7 billion transistors, will be the new flagship of Intel’s sometime-stumbling effort to extend the influence it’s achieved with Xeon and Pentium to the high-end server market, where Sun Microsystems’ Sparc and IBM’s Power chips are more widely used.

Intel had planned to launch Montecito in 2005. But in October, it delayed its release, slowed its top speed by 200MHz and disabled a feature code-named Foxton that would have let the chip run another 200MHz faster when it was cool enough. ”

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