FireFox 2.0 Public Beta is here.  Drop by Ars Technica for a link to get it for yourself.  Although your extensions will not be very likely to work, some of the more popular extensions have been incorporated into the main program.
“The beta candidate is code named Bon Echo, after Bon Echo Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada. Mozilla is hoping that users find this release to be a “good echo” of what they have gotten used to. Firefox 2 hasn’t changed much, interface-wise, from the original. Existing users will be instantly familiar with the standard button bar, links bar, and the row of tabs. One minor change is the ability to scroll the tab bar horizontally when it gets too large. Tabs also have small “X” boxes attached, making them easier to close. Under the hood, however, there have been numerous bugfixes and improvements, in addition to some welcome new features.”

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