AMD has released new information about their new 4×4 systems, 2 dual core CPUs and 4 GPUs.  Now you will be able to encode DVDs and play UT2007 at the same time, with no noticable slowdown.  Get the full story at The Inquirer.
“If games are amenable to massive threading, they will do really well on the 4X4 platform, exceptionally well in fact. If they are not all that threaded, the whole “megatasking” idea comes into play. One of the things at Tim Sweeney said at E3 was the current way of doing 3D had two heavyweight threads that are fundamental to the way games are written and processed. These threads are not easily broken down, and currently, you really can’t. The rest of the game – things like sound, UIs and IO take less than a modern core’s worth of CPU time, but they are quite amenable to threading.”

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