Drop by Think Computers for a very odd concept in gaming … it’s Game Tycoon!  Instead of taking time off your gaming schedule to work on Quake X, travel back to the heady days of the early 80’s, when coders were real coders, and cassettes and 51/4” diskettes ruled the earth.
‘It seems there is a ‘tycoon’ type of game for everything, although I am still waiting for the ‘pr0n tycoon’ to come out (hehe), anyway TriSynergy was kind enough to send me a copy of Game Tycoon for review. Did you ever want to know what it’s like to be your own game creator/publisher; well Game Tycoon gives you that chance. It’s time line actually starts you out quite a few years ago (in the 80’s) when PC gaming was really starting to get going, and people were realizing that there was money to be made in the games industry. If you are a fan of the tycoon style of games then you might want to give this a look, as it is an interesting play, although it can get tedious at times.’

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