Driver Heaven reviews GeIL’s DDR2 Ultra Series – 1066 PLUS Multi-spec Dual Channel Kit and a pair of Corsair’s CM2X1024-8500C5, both on the brand new An9 32x SLI Fatality mobo from ABIT.  Go on and see how they run.
‘Last month we took our first look at AMD’s new AM2 platform which comes complete with DDR2 support up to DDR2-800 specifications. Of course memory which is rated higher can still be used on AM2 boards and both Corsair and GeIL recently released high specification sticks for AM2 consumers. Today we will be comparing both products in order to establish which is the best purchase for the AM2 performance enthusiast, this includes finding out if either can run at the very low timings of 3-3-3-8 when set to DDR2-800. Additionally we’ll take the world’s first look at Abit’s new Fatality AN9 32x SLI motherboard. Abit are not the first to market with an AM2 board however they do produce some of the most feature packed products which perform to the highest level.’

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