If you are finding yourself at a loss trying to explain digital cameras, megapixels and sensor sizes, Dan’s Data can straighten you out.  Drop by to find out why buying a camera just based on the fact that it has a bazillion megapixels might not take pictures any better than a 2 year old model.
“Consumer digital cameras always have teeny tiny little sensor chips in them. Sony’s popular DSC-F828, for instance, is an “eight megapixel” camera with what’s known as a “2/3 inch” sensor. That sounds reasonably large, but the chip is actually only 8.8 by 6.6 millimetres – smaller than my little fingernail. The sensor size specification goes back to the old vacuum-tube TV camera days, and comes from measurements of the outside of the tube’s glass envelope, not from the actual size of the imaging portion at the end.”

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