Take a quick look at Samsung’s Q1 UMPC at The Hardware Zone.  It is very modular, with external add-on components like a DVD player and keyboard, but is fully functional by itself.  With 512MB of RAM and a 900MHz Celeron M, it packs some power and a 7″ WVGA LCD screen with a resolution of 800×480 means you should have to squint to see it.
“This is exactly where a UMPC, like the Samsung Q1, comes in handy as compared to bigger notebooks. With built-in Wi-Fi (and wired LAN), the Q1 is so light that you can now roam freely from say the kitchen to the bedroom while being connected to the Internet at all times conveniently. Compared with PDA phones and bigger notebooks, the Q1 UMPC is perhaps the only practical platform that gives you the freedom to serve the Internet, chat with your friends over IM (Internet messaging), make a Skype phone call (or any other VOIP applications) or watch streaming videos (e.g. YouTube) anywhere with just the right size and weight ratio.”

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