The Tech Lounge ponders buying a new system, based around a Conroe chip.  This involves some guesswork right now, as some parts aren’t available yet, and more have no price.  It does give you a good baseline to start your Conroe dreams on.
“Core 2 Duo is here. Sort of. And unless Apple pulls a fast one next month at WWDC (we’ll find out on the morning of August 7th) and releases a Mac for $1500 with a Conroe inside and good upgradeability, it is time to start picking out parts for my new Conroe based system. We’ve all seen the benchmarks, and we’ve even seen some pre-order hype. Even a few websites have started offering Conroe X6800 processors for sale and showing them as in-stock (at one point in time). So I’m here to take you along for the ride. Some might think it’s a little early to start picking parts. My opinion is that it is never too early to start thinking about hardware. Plus, as I browse various computer hardware forums around the Internet, I see lots of Conroe questions being asked. So hopefully I can provide some answers.”

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