If you find yourself frustrated with the placement of keys in your favourite games, consider the Ideazon FANG gaming pad.  All your keys are in close proximity, and it is easier than trying to manually change key bindings in-game or with a config.ini file.  Read the full review at [H]ard|OCP.
“If mod files are what you’re after, first check to see if the FANG supports your favorite titles. For the average desktop gamer, the FANG makes a comfortable and neat, if unnecessary, toy. We think Ideazon over-hypes the mods available through the Z Engine software a bit. However, gaming with the FANG makes for a nice change of pace, as long as you’re willing to spend a little time retraining your fingers.

For laptop users and left-handed mousers, however, the FANG holds the potential to transform your gaming experience. We would have loved to have the FANG around back when we were evaluating our heavy gaming mobile solutions; the Dell XPS M170, the Sager 9750-C, and the Hypersonic Aviator CX7. ”

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