Intel has bid goodbye to the Pentium, and released the Conroe Core 2 based processor.  These chips are faster and use less power than the previous Intel CPU’s.  Start your tour at [H]ard|OCP, and see how the Core 2 Extreme X6800 and the Core 2 Duo E6700 perform in real games.
Let’s just cut to the chase. You will see a lot of gaming benchmarks today that just simply lie to you. That is right, you will see frames per second numbers that are at best total BS, and at their worst a terrible representation of what difference a new Intel Core 2 processor will make in your gaming experience. The old ways of video game benchmarking do little to tell you about exactly how a new CPU will affect how you play your games or what experience your system supplies to you. Having more CPU power is a very cool thing, but being able to utilize it is not an easy thing to do nowadays.

This article is specific to gaming, so if you are wondering about synthetic or video and music encoding and Core 2, we have covered that as well in a separate article. Be sure that HardOCP is supplying you with the definitive information you need in order to plan your next upgrade when it comes to investing in a system to play games on.”

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