In their newest system review, [H] looks at the Maingear Prysma HTPC.   Maingear has manged to put a lot of powerful components in a uniquely shaped case, and bundled lots of goodies to make the setup easier.
“This is the second evaluation for Maingear. Our Maingear Prelude has been one of the better evaluation systems to come through the [H] Consumer offices. They are currently in second place for the highest score given to a system, following only OverdrivePC. We were more than impressed with every facet of our experience; from build quality, to tech support, to our system’s actual performance. Frankly, they went above and beyond what we expect from not only the major OEMs, but the boutiques as well. They showed that they stand by their computers and every claim they made on their website was evidenced somehow in our system. Our most significant criticism was the price. You pay a sizable price premium for a Maingear system, but unlike other integrators, you are most definitely getting something for your money.”

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