The Vigor Monsoon II active TEC CPU cooler from Vigor Gaming combines the features of a high-performance HSF with a Peltier device to provide sub ambient cooling without the disadvantages normally associated with Thermoelectric Cooling.  Overall, I was impressed by how well the Monsoon II cooler performed.  It was easy to install and produced very good results — actually cooling the fully loaded A64 3200+ processor more than 3°C below the ambient air temperature.  The Monsoon II offers better cooling performance than most high-performance HSFs or water-cooling systems that rely on standard convection cooling, making it well suited for even mild overclocking.  (For extreme overclocking you may want to go with a higher capacity, water cooled TEC CPU cooler, along with the added complexities of a dedicated power supply and condensation protection.)


Vigor Monsoon II Active TEC CPU Cooling System Review - Cases and Cooling 38


Power consumption for the Monsoon II active TEC cooler is a minimal 5 amps on the +12V rail so a large, dedicated power supply is not needed.  The unique design of the Monsoon II eliminates potential problems with condensation and provides fail-safe protection for the CPU even in the unlikely event something should cause the Peltier to fail.


As you might expect, all this high-tech innovation comes with a rather hefty price tag.  The MSRP for the Vigor Monsoon II is $149.00 USD with an anticipated street price of around $129.00 USD. 




  • Outstanding cooling performance — sub-ambient CPU temperatures
  • Good build quality
  • Easy installation with flexible mounting options
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Fail-safe protection for CPU
  • Looks cool (blue LED fan, sleeved cable, black fan shroud)



  • A little noisy when the fan is running at medium or high speed

I would like to thank Steven at Vigor Gaming for sending us the new Monsoon II active TEC CPU cooler to review — thank you!  And if you are in the market for a new gaming rig be sure to check out one of Vigor Gaming’s desktop or laptop systems.


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