Join OCMODSHOP for a trip down memory lane, as they recall past ATI products that they used.  From the old days of the Rage cards, when 3DFX was king of the hill, to the 9800 series, take a look at how these cards have evolved.
“Having been fortunate enough to own several different graphics cards from the Radeon family, I have had a pretty nice opportunity to see the variations and advancements from one generation to the next. At times I’ve been thoroughly impressed, and at others dismally disappointed, but on the whole, ATI has delivered a very exciting line. So one day I thought, ‘How fun it would be to compare the Radeons I’ve owned.’ Well, what started as my own little comparison has become a much larger project, and has turned out to be a very enjoyable blast from the past to look at the roots of our present day Radeons. Just as a note, this exploration of the Radeons is not to be a comparison with Nvidia. They have played leap-frog with each other so much in their insatiable battle for the GPU crown, that it is impossible to objectively declare which company’s product is ‘better.'”

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