3 of the systems that [H]ard|OCP reviewed over the past while bear a ‘Windows Vista Capable’ sticker somewhere on thier case.  Armed with a Vista Beta 2 disk, they decide to find out if that is true.
“While each system came decked out with stickers on the front that would make NASCAR proud, one unassuming badge caused us to do a double take: three of the systems came with ‘Windows Vista Capable’ designations. The three systems were our eMachines T3418 with a Sempron 3400+ processor and 512MB of RAM, the eMachines T6528 with an Athlon 64 3500+ processor and 512MB of RAM, and the Compaq SR1800NX with a Celeron D 346 processor @ 3.06GHz and 512MB of RAM.

Being the intrepid journalists we are, we of course jumped on the opportunity to get in on the public Windows Vista Beta 2 program and see what ‘Windows Vista Capable’ really meant.”

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